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Why it pays off – Nature Conservation on the Farm

What is at issue?

Nature conservation is an economic sector. 14.6 million jobs in the EU are directly related to natural diversity or are dependent on natural resources such as soil or water. In agriculture, diverse habitats are also often the basis of income generation.

What is the benefit?

The image of nature conservation as being an obstacle to economic interests is countered by concrete activities of farmers, in which diversity is part of the business model. This shows the wide possibilities offered by nature conservation.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

In this brochure, nine farmers personally present a branch of business that is based on the protection of nature. In each case the main message is highlighted by a quotation. The spectrum ranges from the "fen steer" to eco-education on the farm.

«Nobody complains about the price of our products made from “cervine pear.»

Maria Laschet, farmer

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