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We keep an eye on our forests!


What is at issue?

The project “We keep an eye on our forests!” aims at raising awareness of the issue of “biodiversity in the forest” among forest managers. In the course of an excursion through their own forest, qualified consultants draw forest managers’ attention to different important aspects of biodiversity, such as the significance of deadwood or rare groves and animal species.

What is the benefit?

Forest managers are presented with the possibility of discovering their forests from a completely new point of view. By looking more consciously and selectively observing indicator species, a change in perspective occurs and the ecological value of forest habitats gains significance.

Pictures from the project

(c) Pictures: Horst Leitner

What do we do?

The project is implemented by an interdisciplinary team of forestry and nature-conservation experts. Suske Consulting is responsible for the training of consultants who subsequently work directly with forest managers. We organize and implement training programmes for forest managers themselves. We also develop supporting educational tools such as the “Reading tool” (“Lesetool”), an online knowledge base containing selected information on the topic of “biodiversity in the forest.”

What else?

«I have come passed here many times, but this forest orchid has never occurred to me.»

A Farmer

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