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Top-up nature guide training

What is at issue?

In northern Burgenland, a number of nature guides, excursion leaders and ecologists from different institutions play a decisive role in showing and explaining the uniqueness and special features of the fauna and flora in and around the Lake Neusiedl to the general public. There is a broad range of training programmes currently available in Burgenland and there are a variety of nature guides with different performance profiles and quality features.

What is the benefit?

Current deficits in nature education can be eliminated by means of an overarching quality management system, which includes a well-founded methodological training as well as continuous further education. The initiative is coordinated at the regional level and an advisory service for nature guides is also provided.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

The development and implementation of a top-up concept to increase the quality of nature tours in Burgenland provides solutions for overcoming current challenges. The focus will lie on sustainable and permanent coordination as well as on mandatory annual training for active nature guides.

« I like playing indoors better, cause that´s where all the electrical outlets are. »

4th grade student, from the book „Last Child in the Woods“

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