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What is at issue?

We are attempting to increase the stocks of the prioritized birds European skylark, whinchat, Northern lapwing, the clouded Apollo butterfly and large marsh grasshopper in Salzburg through voluntary measures from students, farmers and hunters.

What is the benefit?

Learning about the needs of these species, farmers begin to identify with them. This is used to motivate farmers to improve their habitat using simple, efficient methods. At the same time these methods are advertised within the agricultural sector further increasing farmers' motivation considering these species and their needs.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

In events and guided excursions with farmers and regional managers the species are observed, and noteworthy information is given. This empowers the groups to see potential for improvement for the species in their vicinity. The activities farmers take are communicated to the public at large guided hikes, T-Shirts, beer coasters and video clips. School workshops and events reach out to young people especially.

«Together with the farmers we are keeping an eye on skylarks, making sure they can build nests in our meadows and raise their young

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