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The Perspective of Others

What is at issue?

Often we find it difficult to admit and accept viewpoints that oppose our own. While the other is still talking we are already formulating our response and do not listen properly, let alone do we really ever put ourselves in the position of others.

What is the benefit?

Understanding and accepting the needs and self-conceptions of the various stakeholder groups in nature-conservation processes promotes open communication and helps finding acceptable compromises.

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What do we do?

In this one-day seminar, the various professional groups - farmers, civil servants, representatives of NGOs, foresters, etc. develop their views on a number of topics. Illustrators instantly create corresponding drawings featuring humorous elements. These concrete images make individual perspectives more comprehensible to all participants and help avoid misunderstandings. In parallel, the different perceptions of landscapes are shown. During the seminar, criticism of the opinion of others is not allowed, everyone has to accept the views of others on this day and thus has the opportunity to learn a lot of new things.

What else?

«Only once I start looking at the worlds of others and learn to understand them – only then does communication begin to become really exciting.»

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Reviving entrenched communication processes using innovative methods.

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