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What is at issue?

Overall the Burgenland population is unaware of its’ provinces amazing biodiversity. A targeted ad campaign will improve the knowledge on nature and diversity. This will further increase motivation to participate in nature conservation.

What is the benefit?

Any species has fascinating characteristics and those that know about them will see its conservation from a different perspective. This way, consciousness for the work of conservationists is raised and volunteering is also seen in a different light. By identifying with their natural assets and being fascinated by them existing educational offers will made use of more often.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

For several weeks a selection of ambassador species will move into a county. With anthropomorphized facial features they will be omnipresent in the day-to-day lives of the residents. They will be seen on t-shirts, beer coasters, posters and lottery tickets, communicating their lives and conflicts with us humans with a touch of hillarity. This will be combined with a social and conventional media campaign. Young people will be introduced to the species via drawing and comic workshops.

Wolfgang Suske is leading a team of experts realizing the project withing the NGO thema:natur.

What else?


Project site: www.arten-checken.at

«If we help species make a face to their name then the public can identify with them.»

an expert from Thema:Natur

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