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Salzachauen nature trail

What is ist issue?

The Natura 2000 site Salzachauen between Anthering and St. Georgen near Salzburg is one of the most species-rich and ecologically valuable landscapes in Salzburg. In 2015, the Salzachauen LIFE project was launched here, which aims to improve the ecological condition of the area through extensive and large-scale renaturation measures, such as the conversion of artificial spruce monocultures into species-rich riparian forests. New habitats have been created for amphibians through the creation of numerous ponds, and the Reitbach stream is once again allowed to run run wild again, flowing in serpentine lines through the landscape and even overflowing. In the course of the LIFE project, new visitor facilities are to provide visitors with an exciting experience of nature. Suske consulting has been commissioned to design and implement a nature trail.  

What is the benefit?

The nature trail should not only make the visitors aware of the importance of the Natura-2000 area Salzachauen, but also point out the extensive renaturation measures, which were implemented in the course of the LIFE project, and show their importance for the animal and plant world. This will not only increase visitors understanding of ecological interrelationships, but also increase their perception and acceptance of the renaturation measures.

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What do we do?

We design information boards that stand out from the crowd. We work with creative and clearly understandable messages, even if the contexts to be presented are complex. We create images and work with them in a targeted manner. We are supported by a professional cartoonist. 

A total of 11 large-format panels on selected sites in the floodplain explain ecological relationships in a humorous way and shed light on the renaturation measures that have been implemented. In the newly built bird hide, visitors will be able to try their hand at birdwatching with the help of numerous information boards and learn exciting stories about the world of birds. Young visitors are accompanied through the floodplain by the area mascot, a kingfisher, in the form of a children's brochure. 

The nature trail was completed in 2020, but the official opening had to be postponed indefinitely due to Corona measures. 

What else is there in addition?

Website created by us for the Natura 2000 area: www.salzachauen.at

<< The colorful information boards are designed very appealing for the whole family. >>

M. Bacher, Salzburger Seenland Tourismus GmbH

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