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Rhetoric Seminar

What is at issue?

Employees working for the public service in particular find themselves increasingly confronted with critical audiences. A lack of presentation skills leads to reduced professional credibility.

What is the benefit?

Speaking freely and convincingly without notes must be trained like any other skill. Self-analysis helps in identifying one's own strengths and weaknesses. Specific exercises strengthen self-confidence and improve presentation skills, thereby increasing professional credibility.

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What do we do?

We believe that preparing a solid theoretical construct for a public speech will by no means guarantee the actual delivery of a good speach. Public speaking, rather, is learnt through practice, and that is why we do a lot of practical exercises in front of and behind the camera. These experiences constitute the building blocks that form the foundation for a solid and successful public speech. The exercises increase the participants' self-confidence and provide them with the means to deliver convincing presentations supported by well-structured arguments.

«It is particularly the boring presentations that we must mentally dissect in our Columbo-Unit / Columbo-Session.»

A Participant of one of our Rhetoric Seminars

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Years of personal experience in the public service.

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