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Research on the acceptance of an ÖPUL nature conservation measure

What is at issue?

The nature conservation measure of the Austrian Agri-Environmental Programs (ÖPUL) contributes to conserving and improving the condition of ecologically valuable habitats. When the new rural development period 14-20 set in, participation in the nature conservation measure lagged behind expectations. On the basis of qualitative interviews with 10 selected individuals from agriculture and nature conservation, the major factors influencing the acceptance of the nature conservation method were identified.

What is the benefit?

The findings of the study serve as input for further measures to increase acceptance, with the intention of enhancing the effectiveness of the ÖPUL nature conservation measure.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

We conducted telephone interviews with 10 selected individuals who are highly familiar with the overall sentiments and opinions of the farmers concerned regarding the nature conservation measure of the Austrian Agri-Environmental Programs (ÖPUL). The group consisted of three site managers and advisors, three representatives of district farmers' chambers and four farmers.

The study found that the acceptance of the nature conservation measure hinges mainly on the following nine factors: appreciation, overall farm fertilizer balance, animal feed quality, combined obligations with UBB, fear, control, level of premiums, nature conservation consultancy, agricultural chambers.

The project was successfully completed in 2016.

«In order to convince farmers to take part in the ÖPUL nature conservation measure it is of particular importance to explain the rationale behind the measure.»

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