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ÖPUL-Evaluation of the Salzburg Regional Programme

What is at issue?

The Salzburg Regional Programme was part of the Austrian Agri-Environmental Programme 07-13. Its main objective was to preserve the current agricultural use of grasslands in farms with above average soil fertility, where a conversion of grassland into arable land would be profitable. The evaluation included an assessment of the contribution of the Salzburg Regional Programme to the protection of soil, water, climate and biodiversity. On this basis, we devised proposals for the integration of the measure into the subsequent funding period for agricultural development.

What is the benefit?

The evaluation showed that the Salzburg Regional Programme had a positive impact on groundwater quality and climate protection. As far as the numbers of Farmland Bird Index species were concerned, the Salzburg Regional Programme showed an overall positive effect. The most beneficial effect was observed on bird species that favour short-breed meadows for feeding.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

To work out the qualitative and quantitative effects of the Salzburg Regional Programme, we analysed relevant data such as IACS data, groundwater data, soil sample data and data derived from monitoring breeding birds. The results of the evaluation were presented to farmers as well as representatives of the Province of Salzburg, district farmers' chambers, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) and representatives of Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing (AMA) over the course of two half-day workshops. In addition to the evaluation, we conducted interviews with experts (farmers, ecologists) and representatives of the BMLFUW and AMA.
The project was completed successfully in 2012.

«The Salzburg Regional Programme certainly contributes to the preservation of grasslands in the region.»

From the report.

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