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Public Funding Manual for Environmental Measures

What is at issue?

The EU offers several funding programs which can be tapped for nature conservation measures. In practice, officials of nature conservation administrations often encounter difficulties in distinguishing which directive or special directive can best be used for which measure to promote nature conservation. What is lacking is an eye for the overall context and, above all, a simple overview of the many funding programs.

What is the benefit?

The funding manual aims at empowering officials of various fields to efficiently identify appropriate funding programs without extensive prior knowledge.

What do we do?

In order to fulfill this task, the State Government of Salzburg contracted suske consulting to produce a simple and handy manual. It is easy to use, allowing for quick navigation to the respective promoted area. The manual also includes a collection of potential funding issues linked to the corresponding articles. This makes it possible to search for appropriate funding measures in a concrete and project-specific way.

«In the funding jungle there is a need for clear direction»

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As with an identification key, this manual takes you effortlessly from the “problem” to “possible funding measures.”

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