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Properly! Shabby.

What is at issue?

Biologically diverse areas such as late-mown meadows simply appear shabby. The grass is tall, brown and partially broken. This is not something commonly seen in the Austrian landscape. For this reason, farmers who create such strips of biodiversity not only have to work against their own sentiments, they are also subject to the critical assessment of their milieu.

What is the benefit?

An emotional acceptance of "shabby" landscape structures makes it easier for farmers to cultivate biologically diverse areas. Reflecting on one's own notions of orderliness and aesthetics can help reduce excessive care procedures on field margins, embankments, etc. and bring them to an ecologically sensible level.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

In this project we employ different methods to make the images about landscapes we have in our heads visible. We encourage farmers and the local population to question their own notions of landscapes with a touch of humour, and to become more open to ecological approaches. To achieve this we organize seminars with live illustrations, comic workshops for schools, a travelling exhibition and some special surprises for the farmers.

Wolfgang Suske runs a team of experts who implement the project in collaboration with the association thema:natur (https://www.themanatur.eu).

What else?


Project site: www.ordentlich-schlampert.at

«I can only mow the meadows this late in the Froschau, because my mother does not make it there anymore.»

A farmer from Styria, Austria

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