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Objectives and Priorities for Action for Salzburg's Nature Conservation Funding

What is at issue?

Due to the current rather tight financial situation, it has become increasingly important to deal with budgets efficiently and economically by aligning funding for nature conservation with measurable objectives and focusing on priorities for action.

What is the benefit?

By focusing on quantified targets in the conservation of species and habitats in Salzburg, funds are allocated more efficiently. Defining concrete and comprehensible priority actions can support the selection and design of future rural development projects (e.g. for country-strategic frameworks for LAGs in LEADER, for the selection of investment projects, for more targeted public relations work or for the prioritising of management measures).

What do we do?

We develop targets for species and habitats in Salzburg which have an urgent need for conservation measures, where the conservation status can be readily influenced by rural development measures, and which are well suited as indicators for quantified targets. On the basis of a SWOT analysis, we identify other tasks for nature conservation with regard to the public funding system, we quantify concrete targets for specific species, habitats and other objectives, and we identify priorities for action.

«The aimless suffers his fate – the target-conscious designed it.»

Immanuel Kant

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