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Naturepark-strategy Styria

What is at issue?

The seven Styrian nature parks are not just a vibrant symbol for the provinces natural beauty but also for excellent cooperation throughout Styria. This cooperation is now under further development.

Because the nature parks are well established regional institutions their continuous improvement and evolution is very important. With great ambition the nature parks don't shy away from confronting the important questions: What will bring us closer together? How can we create even more excitement for the nature parks? Are there unused synergies within our cooperations? In which areas can we improve our work? Representatives of the nature parks have intensely thought on these questions for the last 12 months and worked on the new nature park strategy 2025.

What is the benefit?

A collective strategy developed by all nature parks together will help to utilize the synergies already present in many processes more deeply, stimulate creativity for future endeavours, create space for future plans and reduce taxing work processes through sharing capacities. The strategy is a core element of a joint appearance to the outside and comparable quality throughout the nature parks.

Bilder aus dem Projekt


What do we do?

We conduct numerous interviews and analyse past activities and events to gather a picture of the status quo in as much detail as possible. This "picture" is the presented to our client and the people involved in the interview process, leading to discussions, additions and corrections by those involved. So the status quo isn't just described it is also evaluated.

Then we create common goals depending on the immediacy of the issues, building upotn those we create measures and activities for the next 5 years.

Styrian Nature Parks

«Wir stehen zu einer gemeinsamen Definition der Rolle des Naturschutzes im Naturpark»

Zitat aus der Strategie

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