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Nature Conservation Strategy for Styria

What is at issue?

In the field of nature conservation, at times considerable tensions emerge between different user groups and nature conservation advocates. These can often be traced back to disappointments in the past and can manifest themselves in the form of conflicts regarding land use. A well thought out and clear nature conservation strategy can dissolve any tensions and help build new trust.

What is the benefit?

An unambiguous positioning creates trust, enriches the discussion culture and thus facilitates the resolution of conflicts. It makes the cooperation between nature conservation professionals and the various stakeholders much easier. The potential of nature conservation activities can be exploited in a more target-oriented and purposeful manner by means of a strategic orientation, including a clear definition of priorities.

Pictures from the project


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What do we do?

The first ever nature conservation strategy for the province of Styria, created on behalf of the Environment Agency Austria, defines goals for the strategic orientation of nature conservation work up to the year 2025. The measures derived from the goals are closely tied to strategic national and international agreements and commitments. By making sure to involve all relevant advocacy groups early on and continuously through interviews, workshops and seminars, we lay the foundation for a fruitful cooperation between the Environment Agency Austria and other nature conservation advocates and stakeholders.

«We are clear in our goals, messages, regulations and justifications. Clarity means being easily visible and understood by others.»

Quote from the Strategy

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Fruitful cooperation owing to an extensive participatory process

A practical strategy encourages open communication.


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