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NATURA 2000, Sports and Tourism

What is at issue?

Many European regions time and again encounter conflicting use of land between Natura 2000 and tourism.

What is the benefit?

The aim of this study is to identify ways to reconcile sporting activities and tourism with NATURA 2000 sites. In the process, repeatedly occurring uncertainties and difficulties are addressed and possibilities for the cooperation of different stakeholders are outlined.

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What do we do?

In this study we evaluated and summarized European Union rulings, trends in the tourism sector, examples of best practices, and experiences of experts from different disciplines. The study was commissioned by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna and the Environment Agency Austria. A discussion platform has been created to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences by international experts on nature conservation, tourism and sports as well as other stakeholders. The results of the study have been summarized in a brochure and published in English and German.

The numerous examples show vividly how successful cooperation between tourism, sport and nature conservation can be.

Ladislav Miko –
EU/DG Umwelt, Brüssel

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