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Natura 2000 in Croatia

What is at issue?

The “State Institute for Nature Protection” (SINP) is the Government of Croatia's body responsible for nature conservation. In 2008, the SINP launched a two-year project aimed at receiving support for the preparation of the NATURA 2000 network as well as for the consultation of the population and affected land users.

What is the benefit?

The project contributed to a positive outcome of the accession negotiations with the EU, while helping to ensure a smooth and proper implementation of Natura 2000 in Croatia.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

Being responsible for the overall project management, suske consulting led a team of more than 30 Croatian and international experts from Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany and the UK, whose task it was to help Croatia develop the network at the national level. The project entailed the preparation of site designations, the development of a website for Natura 2000, the preparation of two management plans, and the design of 19 brochures and various posters. The affected stakeholders were involved in the process through numerous seminars and workshops. In addition, three TV spots were produced which helped familiarize the population with the aims and background of the NATURA 2000 network. The TV spots were scripted by suske consulting. Our Irish client ("Project management Ltd") worked for the Institute for Nature Protection in Croatia.

The project was completed in 2009.

«This project introduced quite new approach to communication process in Croatia, opened many doors and brought stakeholders with different interests much closer.»

Jasminka Radović, SINP

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