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Natur im Wort

What is at issue?

Styrian Nature conservation is currently strongly associated with measures such as bans and restrictions. Most conservation goals however require a well-informed public regarding the reasons a species is under protection and the success of the measures taken.

What is the benefit?

This conservation quarterly covers noteworthy projects and successes, nature conservation concious approaches and many other topics geared to increasing awareness in the public and motivating people to join conservation efforts.

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What do we do?

We help people conserving nature in Styria make a face to their name by putting the spotlight on them and their work. A broad cross-section of knowledge is illustrated and other good conservation reads are highlighted. Furthermore contact information to various regional projects is given for anybody who wants to experience nature conservation firsthand.

«Finally we have conservation news for Styria that’s a joy to read. I hope it stays that way.»

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Communication of conservation topics in a clear and understandable wording.

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