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My little piece of land – Exhibition in Brussels

What is at issue?

The profession of farmer is not highly esteemed in Croatia - whoever can, chooses to do something different than "being a farmer". At the same time, motivated people in agriculture are necessary to preserve the many endangered animal and plant species living in the cultivated landscapes. A higher appreciation of the profession can only be achieved if we know and understand the concerns and stories of those who cultivate and develop the natural landscapes.

What is the benefit?

The exhibition "My little piece of land" creates awareness among decision-makers in Brussels on the emotional bond Croatian peasants experience with their landscape. This experience of perceiving farmers as people who are closely in touch with nature and who manage valuable natural areas is significant for future programs for rural development and improves the negotiating position of Croatian nature conservation authorities in Brussels.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

The exhibition is an excerpt from the Croatian exhibition "Moj komadić zemlje", which was created as part of the project "Favorite Places of Croatia Farmers". The exhibition was translated into English and adapted for the target group in Brussels. In the accompanying exhibition reader, the portrayed farmers tell about their lives and their work. The panels were presented in the DG Environment and DG Agriculture. At the official opening, the many guests had a chance to talk directly to the Croatian farmers.

What else?

Borrowing the exhibition

The exhibition can be borrowed free of charge for events, seminars, etc. It consists of 12 panels sized 120x70 cm in landscape format. Please contact us for details.

«I’m happy that I have the freedom to decide about my own life, do what I’ve have always loved to do since I was a child and spend a lot of time in nature.»

Ivica Dragan Elez

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