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A Management Plan for the Nature Park Tyrolean Lech

What is at issue?

The activities of all Austrian nature parks are supported by the four facets: protection, recreation, education and regional development. In the case of the Tyrolean nature parks, the research cornerstone is added. Under the leadership of Revital, we developed management recommendations for the Nature Park Tyrolean Lech in the areas of environmental education, regional development, recreation and research.

What is the benefit?

A detailed description of the protected goods, their conservation status and their endangerment provides the nature park management with a guideline for future measures. Activities can be prioritized for those areas that are particularly endangered. The Nature Park Tyrolean Lech comprises the wild river Lech and the adjacent biotopes and consists of areas from more than 20 municipalities. This makes a management plan that includes environmental education, regional development, recreation and research even more important.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

We conducted qualitative individual interviews with 10 stakeholders of the nature park, who cover the areas of environmental education, recreation, regional development and research in total in a sound way. The aim of the interviews was to gather several individual perspectives on the current situation of the nature park and its tasks. From the results of the interviews, the initial situation in the nature park and subsequently targets and measures were derived. In the course of three workshops, all participants had the opportunity to evaluate or supplement the results.

What else?

«The population should identify more with the nature park – everyone should feel like a ranger of the region, taking care of the nature park.»

A voice from the nature park.

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