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Guideline for the Management Plans Nature Parks Styria

What is at issue?

In the coming years, a management plan will be drawn up for each of the seven nature parks in Styria. The management plan will be an important basic document that defines the starting position, the strategic orientation and the operational objectives of the nature park with regard to the protection of nature and landscape. The management plans are to be developed or commissioned by the individual nature parks. In the run-up to this, we are working out a guideline for the preparation of management plans on behalf of the Association of Nature Parks Styria.

What is the benefit?

A guideline for the preparation of the management plans is to ensure the required uniformity of the seven management plans. This happens on the one hand on a formal level, e.g. with regard to structure and layout of the management plan, formatting of graphics and texts, etc., but also on the content level, for example by elaborating procedures for the selection of suitable indicator groups for the landscape area or also defining how best to formulate objectives and measures.

What do we do?

We are creating a guide that will consider the following levels, among others:

Formal level

What should be the general structure of the management plan?

For which tables and graphics should there be uniform formats?

Which text areas (e.g. introductory and general explanations, legal texts, ...) do not need to be thought of seven times and can be formulated uniformly?

Content level

How to arrive at value elements and indicator (groups) for the landscape area concerned? How are these to be presented and argued?

How should objectives and measures and their measurability be designed and formulated?

Which statements on the dynamics of the landscape area should be included in any case?

Level of communication and participation

Which individual target groups are addressed by the management plan and what does this mean for participation?

What linguistic guidelines are there, e.g. in dealing with scientific names, general language guidance, etc.?

What is the procedure for participation, with what justification and how was the initial situation of the individual nature park taken into account?

By means of interviews with future users of the management plans, the requirements of local stakeholders for a management plan are taken into account. In this way, an important foundation is laid during the development of the guidelines, so that the later management plans become a helpful basis for the work of local stakeholders.

The preparation of the guidelines is also accompanied by investigations regarding important, already existing basic data in the individual nature parks, especially with regard to free of charge available and relevant GIS data sets. The standardized preparation of spatially relevant data for all seven Styrian nature parks will not only create a uniform, comparable data compilation for the guide preparation, but also an important working basis for the subsequent management plan preparation.

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