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Communities as role models for more biodiversity

What is at issue?

Nature conservation is an issue in many Burgenland communities, not least thanks to the initiative of the Nature Conservation Association. Nevertheless, often little is known about how and where biodiversity-promoting measures can be taken, particularly in settlement areas or on public land. Municipalities which already implement such measures often receive complaints and displeasure from the population about the changed appearance of public space, as the sense and benefits of the measures taken are not sufficiently known to the citizens. Moreover, the potential of comparatively small-scale public green spaces or private gardens to promote biodiversity is often underestimated. Yet it is precisely this small-scale structure which, due to its colourful mixture of different uses and structures, can provide many species with ideal retreats and habitats in a landscape dominated by humans.

What is the benefit?

Three selected communities in Burgenland are being supported by intensive nature conservation advice to exploit their potential for promoting biodiversity on public land. The communities act as a showcase region and gain experience in implementing the measures, which can be used by other interested communities. A broad information campaign is to provide the citizens of the municipalities with the benefits of the measures taken to promote biodiversity. The measures are thus better accepted and - as far as possible - encourage people to copy them in their own gardens.

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What do we do?

Together with the community, the planning and implementation of measures to promote biodiversity are developed. Creatively designed information signs, which appear for a short period of time at various points in the community, inform the population about the measures taken. The population is to be sensitized to nature conservation issues and motivated to become active themselves through public work days, on which, for example, maintenance work is carried out on valuable areas, or through Sunday walks, on which the contents of the information signs are communicated to the citizens of the community in greater depth.

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Project site: www.wirpackensan.at

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