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Management Plan Lake Neusiedl – Northeastern Leitha Mountains

What is at issue?

A wide variety of different interests and uses come into play in this European nature reserve. There is a lack of well-prepared and comprehensible factual foundations, as well as the strategic objectives and conclusions drawn from them, for priority measures in order to keep the protected property in a good state.

What is the benefit?

Practical and user-friendly management plans can eliminate uncertainties among the people affected by Natura 2000 sites. They help coordinate the implementation of measures for the conservation and development of protected species and habitats. In addition, regional nature conservation work is supported and conflicts are more easily avoided.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

We conduct discussions with different stakeholders and inspect the relevant areas in order to obtain an extensive picture of the particular situation of the site, including its challenges and problems. We develop targeted conservation measures that we derive from previously defined conservation goals for the individual protected species and habitats. Finally, we make recommendations for success monitoring and create concepts for potential programs and strategies.

The European nature reserve is characterized mainly by agricultural activities, so those people involved in agriculture have a particular responsibility when it comes to the protection, conservation, and/or improvement of the conservation status of protected species and habitats. We believe that a management plan must be comprehensible to all, even to those with no prior specific knowledge on the area. To this end, we have developed a "management barometer" as well as user profiles, that allow laypeople to get a clear picture of the challenges of site management, while providing support for the successful implementation of the measures.

The project was completed successfully in 2015.

«Thanks to the user profiles / usage profiles / utilization profiles, I once again enjoy cultivating inside a Natura 2000 site.»

A farmer.

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