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LIFE Euro Large Carnivores

What is at issue?

Wolves hadn't been sighted in Austria for over a century until 10 years ago, now a pack has settled in Allentsteig and 2017 the first pups were born. The Life-Project Euro Large Carnivores aims to improve coexistence with large carnivores through open communication, sharing experience and cooperating across borders.


What is the benefit?

The damage done by wolves in Austria to date is still minimal, many however assume an increase of the population in the future. If we get all relevant stakeholders together as early as now and start a dialog focussed on understanding their counterparts and vice versa we can prevent visceral reactions by learning to cooperate and manage the wolf together.  


What do we do?

On behalf of the WWF suske consulting is moderating workshops in Austria. During these, steakeholder from different areas can get to know each other and open up about their points of view. We put a fine point on assuring this doesn't happen in a point-counterpoint way, instead we focus on letting people explain their points of view in detail. This way, overlap with other stakeholders becomes more clear and area for joint action regarding wolves in Austria becomes obvious.

Picture: © paukereks/pixelio

«In the last session of the work shop we saw a lot of movement, movement together. The only way to manage the wolf.»

Swiss Wildlife Ranger

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