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What is at issue?

Farmers, hunters, authorities, NGOs, etc., - they all have their own views on nature conservation and their own needs and requirements in protected areas. Recognizing and accepting the individual user groups' needs is the foundation for a successful and conflict-free management of protected areas. But who really knows what makes others tick?

What is the benefit?

The tools we developed help the site managers improve communication in protected areas. By enhancing mutual understanding conflicts are resolved easily or do not even arise in the first place.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

We make the different perspectives on agriculture visible in seminars involving all stakeholder groups relevant to a protected area. Foresters, hunters, and civil servants - they all have individual vantage points and motivations: What does nature mean to them? Why do they do the job? What is success to them? The elaborated positions are immediately put on paper with a touch of humor by an illustrator (live visualization). These images help avoid misunderstandings and encourage constructive discussions.

The seminars resulted in the creation of the book “Die Sicht der Anderen” ("The Perspective of Others"). It is a work of reference for all those engaged in nature conservation who want to better understand their counterparts (see Downloads).

The booklet, “Erste-Hilfe in Partizipationsprozessen” (“First Aid in Participation Processes”) is a guide for successful public participation in nature conservation measures (see Downloads).

What else?


« Since KOMM-Natura humour has been allowed in funding applications.»

An official from Tyrol

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To understand the other in his or her context, in his or her joys and sorrows, makes it easier to find suitable solutions for everyone. With the help of live visualizations positions are immediately made visible and misunderstandings are avoided.

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