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Interpretation Aid for NATURA 2000 and Wildlife Conservation

What is at issue?

Road construction projects almost inevitably interact with aspects of nature and environmental protection. In this context, the environmental protection directives of the EU are becoming increasingly important. Today more than ever, tensions between economic and ecological interests require professionally prepared and implemented planning procedures. Due to the countless standards that must be taken into account in the context of project planning and examination nowadays, the question of "legal certainty" has taken central stage.

What is the benefit?

With the publication of a manual we intended to enhance the understanding of key concepts of the EU nature conservation directives and to increase knowledge of binding ECJ rulings. Another aim was to help understand how to duly take into consideration the directives' objectives when developing projects.

What do we do?

On behalf of ASFINAG and in collaboration with co-authors Georg Bieringer and Thomas Ellmauer, we compiled a manual of over 200 pages featuring a comprehensive collection of information on the two nature conservation directives. It encompasses all the terminology relevant to planning practice, provides tips for the planning process, and clarifies the significance of the major regulations by way of concrete examples. The manual is updated regularly and was issued in autumn 2016 in its third edition. It is available online and, while stocks last, in a hardback print edition at ASFINAG.

«There are still numerous open questions related to EU policy on species conservation that are addressed in this easy-to-use brochure in a user-friendly way”

Alexander Walcher,
Managing Director of ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH

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Practical explanation of unclear and complex areas of EU environmental protection directives; an indispensable and clear reference guide when dealing with Natura 2000.

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