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Insect Life

What is at issue?

Insect diversity and populations have been declining for decades. This project with its 25 partners aims to find new ideas and acitivity to halt this decline. The 5 project regions will receive a broad information basis about insects. This will motivate the public to create suitable insect habitats.

What is the benefit?

Many project partners from all walks of life make it possible to reach a diverse target audience. Standard pathways of communication (e.g. ecologist-farmer) can be replaced with more complex ones, e.g. the mayor motivating the public and the public in turn motivating farmers. This sutainably incorporates the topic in the region.


What do we do?

For three years the topic "insect life" will be omnipresent in 5 Austrian regions. Through their various channels the partners will create excitement about in the region through interesting insect stories. Seminars will guide farmers, gardeners and communities on how to become active. Farmers will receive a premium for implemented measures and their function as communicators.At the same time innovative methods of communication of insect needs will be developed and made available to project partners. All activities will lead to the final event dedicated to the lives of insects and spiders.

Wolfgang Suske will be leading a team of experts from the association thema:natur in carrying out the project.

«Der Mensch für sich allein vermag gar wenig und ist ein verlassener Robinson: nur in der Gemeinsam mit den andern ist und vermag er viel.»

Arthur Schopenhauer

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