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Hotspot Concept for the Bavarian Prealpine Rivers Lech, Ammer, Isar and Loisach

What is at issue?

With our support, long-term nature-conservation objectives and implementation strategies are elaborated for the rivers Lech, Ammer, Isar and Loisach, that run through two Bavarian hotspot regions. The framework for this initiative is the major Hotspot-Project “Alpine River Landscapes – Living Diversity from Lake Ammer to the Zugspitze“, which is committed to the development and protection of these rivers.

What is the benefit?

The current priorities and long-term objectives related to the rivers Lech, Ammer, Isar and Loisach are clarified within a good communication framework. Building on this, and in accordance with various stakeholder groups, implementation possibilities are developed with realistic chances of being put into practice, due to the broad involvement of all relevant groups.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

We gather intelligence about the status quo, conflicts and potentials through research, interviews and workshops involving all relevant stakeholders. Great emphasis is placed on providing all stakeholders with a chance to express their views. In autumn 2016, we held a dialogue event for a specialist audience as well as the interested public, where everybody had an opportunity to participate. The results and project ideas, including proposals for implementation, are summarized in a concise report.

“The dialogue series was a major success!“

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