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Guiding Principles for the Nature Park Attersee Traunsee

What is at issue?

The nature park is operational - all communities and stakeholders are already in the starting blocks. But where is the journey going? What is particularly important for everyone when it comes to the actual work in the nature park? Which aspects should be emphasized? What do we want to achieve? What do we stand for - and what do we not stand for?

What is the benefit?

A common guiding vision for the future creates motivation for concrete activities, and provides guidance for the development of the natural park. Jointly developed guiding principles have a uniting effect.

What do we do?

In the course of several workshops we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the region with all local municipalities, and exposed the different expectations and intentions regarding the nature park. A lot of highly interesting discussions emerged, for example on the question whether and what extent the frowned upon "parochial politics" could also have positive effects. Among the many results achieved while working on the guiding vision, we reached the consensus that the "Plum" was to become a guiding element for the following years.

«Our parochial thinking can help us take advantage of our strenghts and qualities, stimulate the competition of ideas and thus strengthen the entire nature park.»

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