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Future-proof landscape management

What is at issue?

The Eisenwurzen Nature Park in Styria is characterized by a diverse cultural landscape. However, due to migration, aging and the decline of agriculture, more and more areas are no longer farmed. With a citizen participation process, we are looking for a way to organize landscape management in the region in the future.

What is the benefit?

Through broad citizen participation, different ways of preserving the landscape are shown and, at the same time, people from the region are found who want to become more involved in cultural landscape preservation.


What do we do?

In several "Naturparkjausen" we raise awareness among the population for the problem of creeping cultural landscape change together with the Eisenwurzen Nature Park. We show new interesting ways from other regions, where landscape conservation funds or certificate systems were created to sustainably secure the maintenance of the landscape. Together with the population we are looking for models for the landscape management in the Eisenwurzen, which fit exactly there. Finally, a group of people from the region should be found, who together start a process to implement the ideas gained.

What else?

«The forest grows in the Eisenwurzen by the window in.»

A participant of a “nature park snack”

This could interest you

New ideas for preserving the cultural landscape are sought with the population.

Involving stakeholders in the participation process.

Creative inputs that inspire new ideas.

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