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Forest Environment Program

What is at issue?

In order to improve forest biodiversity in Austria, it is necessary to significantly increase voluntary nature conservation by agreement for measures related to forest environments. Conservation elements such as the preservation of deadwood trees or the creation of forest edges should be designed in such a way – both financially and in terms of the program content – as to create incentives for a high level of participation among forest managers. This project constituted important preliminary work for the creation of a Forest Ecology Program for Rural Development in Austria.

What is the benefit?

So far, the adoption of measures to improve forest biodiversity has been modest within the scope of the Program for Rural Development. However, in some Austrian provinces the program has not been promoted vigorously so far. The rationale behind the project is to redesign measures related to forest environments in such a way as to significantly increase their contribution to ecological diversity in Austria's forests.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

In the course of around 15 workshops engaging all concerned stakeholders, experts and the Federal Ministry responsible for the program, we reviewed and worked through important forest-ecology related issues in a transparent process. We looked into costing options and developed concrete forest protection measures. Our efforts resulted in a strategy paper providing possible alternatives and recommendations for the Rural Development Program. Our office was responsible for moderating all 15 workshops and was instrumental in the development of the strategy paper.

The project was completed with success in 2013.

«Our forest needs our help.»

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