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First-Aid Kit to Public Participation

What is at issue?

A successful citizens' participation process must be carefully planned. Mistakes can cause the opposite of a desired effect to occur.

What is the benefit?

The guide booklet supports site managers of protected areas in planning participatory processes and provides (new or possibly better) answers to questions raised by practice. It inspires to use public participation as an opportunity to benefit the region.

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What do we do?

The guide is a booklet in pocket format, so that it can be taken along everywhere just like a first-aid kit. The guide poses 21 questions from practical experience and for each question provides 7 tips on how to arrive at a desired solution.

The guide was originally created in 2007 in Romanian. By now it has been translated into English, Dutch, Croatian and German.

What else?

Further aspects of the project

KOMM-Natura – Improved Communication in Protected Areas

«Not conflict is the worst-case scenario, but complete disinterest.»

From: First-Aid Kit to Public Participation

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