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Farming for Nature - Austria

What is at issue?

As part of the project "Farming for Nature - Austria", selected farmers are honored by an expert jury as "Ambassadors for Biodiversity". The ambassadors actively promote nature on their own farms - and beyond - and pave the way for sustainable agriculture in the future with their innovative approaches.

The project builds on the experience gained from the "farming for nature" project in Ireland and is being carried out in close cooperation with the initiative in Ireland and Lithuania.

What is the benefit?

The aim of the project is to communicate the personal attitudes of selected farmers to the topic of biodiversity as well as the personal backgrounds for these attitudes to a wide circle of the population and especially to the farming population. Innovative, sustainable attitudes for the improvement of the diversity of our landscape should become socially opportune, they should be appreciated by the public even more than it is the case so far. This change in values is expected to increase the competence of farms in the management of natural areas and thus also directly increase the quality of habitats in terms of nature conservation.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

suske consulting is building up an Austria-wide network of nominators. The nominators can nominate selected farms every year. From this group of nominated farms, suske consulting makes a pre-selection based on in-depth interviews with the farms. From this shortlist, a jury of experts selects the Ambassadors for Biodiversity after personal visits to the farms.

In addition, suske consulting manages the project's own homepage, on which the nominated farms are presented every year. In addition, short films are produced about the ambassadors, which are also published on the homepage. The website presence is accompanied by appearances in social media such as Facebook and Instagram. In this way, information about the project, the ambassador farmers and biodiversity-relevant topics is widely disseminated.

In order to communicate and discuss biodiversity-relevant topics or to illustrate biodiversity-promoting measures on site, the ambassadors hold online "kitchen table talks" and invite to farm walks. These events are promoted by suske consulting and accompanied as needed.

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