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Facilitators in Action

What is at issue?

How can different opinions on a topic be discussed in a positive atmosphere? How do you motivate participants not to merely consume an event, but to take an active part? How can you transform lame group work into an exciting and creative activity? Perhaps you are asking yourself similar questions in the course of preparing a workshop or conference?

What is the benefit?

An experienced and professional facilitatior ensures a positive interaction among three or three hundred different people, and creates a mutual understanding among different professional groups, generations, opinions or goals.

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What do we do?

Wolfgang Suske has been organizing and moderating workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings, juries, presentations and other events for 25 years in German or English. Perfectly-prepared content. Compelling in the planning process. Flexible in the implementation. Entertaining presentations. Solution-oriented in conflict situations.

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«It is the combination of mind and soul that the conductor needs, if he wants to achieve true mastery.»

Vladimir Ashkenazy

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Entertaining facilitation that achieves what you want to achieve.

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