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Evaluation of the ÖPUL measure Eco-Points Lower Austria (“Ökopunkte Niederösterreich“)

What is at issue?

The Eco-Points Measure (Ökopunkte Maßnahme) was part of the Austrian Agri-Environmental Programme (ÖPUL) 07-13 and focused on the farm in its entirety. As opposed to paying out fixed bonuses for environmental performance, farms were awarded with varying amounts of Eco-Points. The evaluation study examined the level of acceptance of the measure and analysed its impact on soil, water and climate. The study also examined differences compared to other ÖPUL measures.

What is the benefit?

Our analysis served as the basis on which we elaborated conclusions and proposals for the further development of the measure. We also examined the potential for a nation-wide implementation of aspects of the Eco-Points measure.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

We analysed the relevant IACS data, conducted interviews with experts, moderated the coordination workshops and assessed the impact on protected resources. The study was carried out by a team consisting of LACON, the Austrian Council for Agricultural Engineering and Rural Development (ÖKL) and suske consulting.

The project was completed successfully in 2013.

«We recommend the application of the Eco-Points compensation system on all farms under the Austrian Agri-Environmental Programme (ÖPUL) and to create further incentives for the establishment of new landscape elements.»

From the study

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