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Evaluation NATURA 2000 - ÖPUL 2007

What is at issue?

The conservation methods applied by the nature conservation authorities of the Austrian federal provinces on arable land within NATURA 2000 sites are mostly of a contractual kind. In this context, the measures of the Austrian Agri-Environmental Programme (ÖPUL) are key for the preservation of protected resources.

What is the benefit?

The ongoing review of the acceptance of nature conservation measures within the ÖPUL programme as well as qualitative success checks of the measures are necessary both for an implementation of NATURA 2000 compliant with existing regulations, as well as for underlining the importance of the role ÖPUL plays in promoting the two EU nature protection directives.


Pictures from the project


What do we do?

We analysed agricultural data as well as NATURA 2000 mapping data of the federal provinces with the aim of investigating the acceptance of ÖPUL measures within NATURA 2000 sites. We surveyed 340 farmers by means of a questionnaire and conducted telephone interviews with 18 representatives of nature conservation authorities, site managers and representatives of the agricultural chambers. We also mapped selected sites to assess the impact.

The project was completed successfully in 2009.

«It makes no sense to try to economize when it comes to the management of protected areas. Respectful behaviour towards the farmers is also very important.»

A site manager

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