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Dialog group Styria

What is at issue?

Cooperation of various conservation groups and other interest groups in Styria has been overshadowed by previous conflicts. Regular constructive communication on important conservation topics with all stakeholder groups present and exchanging information as well as opinions are currently lacking. This also impacts joint decision-making.

What is the benefit?

The dialog group was initiated following the Styrian conservation strategy, so all stakeholders and interest groups currently confronted with conservation matters may participate in these together. In the group opinions on current topics are discussed and further measures are coordinated.


What do we do?

We enable an open dialog, in which the perspectives of all participants on current topics and conflicts can be heard and discussed. Mutual understanding between participants is fostered – at the same time a network is created to coordinate measures. Current dialog groups include topics suche as the re-occurrence of wolves and beavers.

(c) picture: paukereks/pixelio

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