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Brochure: Why Landscape Features?

What is at issue?

Landscape features decisively shape our cultural landscape. They are cared for and maintained by the work of farmers, at times with considerable effort. Although their conservation is supported financially, important landscape features are disappearing rapidly.

What is the benefit?

With this brochure, we answer the questions of farmers about the conservation and maintenance of landscape features from an ecological point of view. Interesting details, that are worth retelling, awaken interest and increase the knowledge about their ecological functions.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

In this brochure, we explain the significance of landscape features and their value to farmers with the aid of 12 simple and easily understandable questions and corresponding answers. Information provided in a brief, exciting and amusing fashion is easily remembered and supplies rewarding facts to retell.

«Because of their antlers, male stag beetles can only suck plant juices. Females help them by biting little wounds into tree trunks.»

From the Brochure

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Exciting details create interest.

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