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Brief First Aid Manual for Site Managers in Romania

What is at issue?

In the daily work of managing protected areas, a wide range of challenges and questions tend to arise in dealing with the local population. How do I create appealing invitations for events? What do I do if someone is constantly working against me? How do I seek out exciting stories about the region?

What is the benefit?

The little manual helps with these everyday problems and aims at improving the cooperation between site managers and the people who live and work in and around the protected areas.

What do we do?

Within the framework of a twinning project with Romania, we have developed a guide booklet on how local nature conservation authorities can achieve more public participation in projects. The manual distinguishes itself by describing situations which arise frequently in practice and, for each situation, it offers seven golden tips on how best to handle it. The brochure was produced in collaboration with the Regional Environmental Protection Agency – Sibiu (REPA Sibiu) and published in English and Romanian.

«I like this booklet. Now I am no longer afraid of conflicts. I am forced to take initiative.»

Ioan Mihai Pop

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