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Biodiversity monitoring with farmers

What is at issue?

Since 2007, farmers from around Austria have been monitoring the development of increasingly rare plants and animals on their meadows. The project’s motto “We look closer!” (“Wir schauen d’rauf!”) implies not only an annual counting and documenting of the species, but also a disposition to engage with nature consciously and to contribute to an active cooperation between farmers and conservationists.

What is the benefit?

When farmers observe particular plants and animals on their own meadows and pastures closely and regularly, they attain a deeper understanding of the connections between land management and the occurrence of species such as orchids, grasshoppers or the Black-and-Red-bug. Those who start to look closer at how their land management measures affect specific plant and animal species, will better understand the impact of particular management regulations. The result is an increased appreciation for agri-environmental measures and more individual responsibility.

Pictures from the project


What do we do?

The project is being implemented in collaboration with the ÖKL (the Austrian Council for Agricultural Engineering and Rural Development; responsible for project management), as well as the companies Umweltbüro GmbH and LACON. Part of our responsibility as suske consulting is to attend to selected farmers who want to get more deeply involved in the project and act as multipliers. We also cooperate with agricultural colleges by developing educational concepts on biodiversity which we then put into practice at the schools. We also play an active role in the presentation of project findings as well as in public relations work.

What else?

Further aspects of the project

«Normally you don’t really take the time to walk through the meadows and take a closer look at things. There is so much to discover once you get off the tractor!»

A farmer

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