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What is at issue?

Especially in times of difficult economic conditions, legal certainty in the implementation of projects is more important than ever for project applicants. The implementation of environmentally relevant projects is complexly regulated by national laws as well as Europe-wide environmental and planning directives. Depending on the location of the areas affected by the project, nature conservation procedures and associated expert opinions are a prerequisite for ensuring the legal certainty of a project. Whether and to what extent such procedures are necessary must be decided on a case-specific basis.

What is the benefit?

Expert assessments of environmentally relevant projects describe the initial situation of areas that are directly or indirectly affected by a project from a nature conservation perspective.Based on this, the expert opinion assesses whether and to what extent negative impacts of the planned project on nature conservation-relevant animals, plants and habitat types are to be expected.  If necessary, required measures are defined in order to avoid or reduce the negative impacts of the planned project in the best possible way. From the overall view of impacts and measures, it is evaluated whether the realization of a project is environmentally compatible from a nature conservation point of view.

What do we do?

Even before a project is submitted, we analyze the nature conservation issues, strengths and weaknesses of a project. We accompany nature conservation procedures for projects such as road construction, construction of wind power plants or dedications. In the course of this, we prepare expert opinions, take on non-official expert activities, accompany appeal proceedings and prepare expert opinions. Since a broad spectrum of protected species has to be taken into account in nature conservation law procedures, we work on a case-by-case basis with national and international experts who are specialized in the respective animal and plant species or habitats.

With studies, which we prepare in close cooperation with experts from ecology and nature conservation law, we also ensure the linking of legal theory with practical implementation in the handling of proceedings.

References (selection)

S10 Mühlviertler Expressway, Freistadt North - Rainbach North

Responsibilities: Non-official expert activities in the field of species protection, ecology and landscape, participation in court hearings

Downloadlink: Partial expert opinion no. 7a plants, animals, habitats and no. 7b landscape

Client: Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

A22 Danube Bank Motorway

Responsibilities: Non-official expert activities for the subject area Natura 2000, species protection, ecology in the context of an EIA determination procedure

Client: Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

S7 Fürstenfeld expressway, section east, expropriation procedure

Responsibilities: Expert opinion on nature conservation

Client: Office of the Provincial Government of Burgenland, Department


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