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A Strategy for the Weissbach Nature Park

What is at issue?

The aim is to develop a strategy and possible reorientation for the Weissbach Nature Park. Together with the people of the region, we prioritize implementation measures that are to be adopted over the coming years.

What is the benefit?

A thorough analysis of the current situation based on discussions with the people from the region ensures that objectives and measures for the nature park are developed in a collaborative manner.

Pictures from the project

Naturpark Weißbach

What do we do?

We conduct interviews with people confronted with the idea and implementation of the nature park and discuss different opinions, positions, expectations, past experiences and future trends, etc. Over the course of several workshops, we thus create a clear picture of the current situation and develop common goals and priority activities for the medium- and long-term.

What else?

«We would need as much enthusiasm in the nature park as in a sports club, then it would blossom and we would have all the golden badges.»

From an interview.

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