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Management plan nature park Steirische Eisenwurzen

What is at issue?

Austrian nature parks often work very intensively in the development of soft, tourist offers as well as in the mediation of nature and the peculiarities of the landscape. However, the development of the landscape and of the protected species in the area is rather given less attention. As part of the project, we are now drawing up a management plan for the protected goods of the Nature and Geopark Steirische Eisenwurzen.

What is the benefit?

An exact description of the protected goods, their conservation status and their endangerment provides the nature park management with instructions for future measures. Activities can be prioritised for those areas that are particularly at risk. New ideas promote nature conservation in the nature park.

What do we do?

In a first step, available nature conservation basics and related data will be evaluated, analysed and assessed with regard to their applicability for the development of a strategy. On-site visits should supplement and confirm the data available. In order to get a picture of the atmosphere regarding the situation of the landscape users, local actors will be interviewed on the topics of nature, protection, aspects of use, nature park, roles and responsibilities, commitment, etc. Within the framework of interactive participation events, the so-called "Naturparkjausn", consensus is to be reached on the evaluation of the current situation, ideas for further activities are to be created and motivation for their implementation is to be generated.

A nature conservation strategy for the nature park will be developed from the results of the data research, the interviews and the results of the interactive nature park sessions. Particular attention will be paid to ensuring that the nature park strategy is presented in a way that is easy to understand, comprehensible and clear, and that it contains a compact "ActionMap" in which the most important steps are presented.

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