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A Management Plan for Mühlviertel Nature Park

What is at issue?

Nature parks in Austria often work very hard to develop low-impact tourist attractions and to achieve effective communication on nature in general as well as particular aspects of the landscape. However, the development of landscapes and protected species within sites has often received little attention so far. In a pilot project, we are now drawing up a management plan for the protected resources of the Nature Park Mühlviertel in Upper Austria.

What is the benefit?

A precise overview of the protected species and habitats, their conservation status and hazards provides the nature park management with guidelines for future measures. Activities can be prioritised for areas that are particularly vulnerable. New ideas promote nature conservation in the nature park.

Pictures from the project

Naturpark MühlviertelNaturpark Mühlviertel

(c) Pictures: Barbara Derntl/Naturpark Mühlviertel


What do we do?

One of the main challenges faced by the nature park is keeping up the management of steep slopes - areas difficult to manage but particularly important for nature conservation. In the management plan, we analyse the status quo and elaborate goals and recommendations for management based on a broad participation of local stakeholders. An important aspect of the management plan is to include concrete ideas on how to guarantee the protection of the landscape.

What else?

«We must spark the flame within the population to preserve our natural resources.»

A voice from the nature park.

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