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Strategies and Guiding Principles

In every area of work there comes a point when the strategic orientation for the future is to be reconsidered. Where do we stand? What is our goal, what is of particular importance? What influences our work? Who works against us – who works with us? Why? Where do we see ourselves in 20 years? Where do we want to see ourselves in 20 years?

Our Expertise

A good strategy can only emerge when the status quo can be understood and interpreted clearly. Our strength lies in our capacity to openly outline and interpret our client's situation in a collaborative process. When we set out to develop a strategy or guiding principle, we begin by asking our clients thousands of questions. The measures and further steps to be taken then often emerge on the spur of the moment.

What is important to us

  • We develop strategies with individual persons, smaller or larger groups. The active involvement of all those who want to think strategically is always a great enrichment for the entire work process.
  • Strategies and guiding principles, which we work out together with our clients, must be adapted closely to their current situation. We take time to identify their status quo.
  • A strategy must fit. The importance of every proposed measure will make sense. The results achieved shall become cornerstones of our client's further work. We do not want to produce unnecessary paper for the bookshelf.

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