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Management Plans

A management plan for a protected area is intended to provide a clear understanding of the objectives that are important for the area and to derive comprehensible measures from them. How can I make sure that our plan is really put into practice? That it provides support for the everyday work of site managers? That it can be of help with appropriate assessments?


Our Expertise

A good management plan can only be achieved based on extensive experience with those stakeholders that are subsequently responsible for the implementation. Not only are we experts in the field of nature conservation legislation at the national and EU level, we also work intensively on issues related to agriculture and forestry, and are familiar with the daily work of municipalities and associations. This guarantees management plans which are easy to work with.

What is important to us

  • A management plan must be practical. At the outset we conduct detailed discussions with our clients on the plan's intended target group.
  • Due to the multitude of international and national obligations, of protected species and habitats as well as influences on these species and habitats, it is important for us to ensure that the management plan provides an overview and orientation that is helpful to all interested parties.
  • We do not hide behind complex technical terms. No doubt, everything in nature is highly complex. That is nothing new. But if we are unable to make nature understandable using simple language, then it is because we have not understood it.

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