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Evaluations and Studies

Our society increasingly demands diligent reviews of the fulfillment of public programs and the effective use of public funds. Do the programs achieve the objectives originally envisaged? What would happen to specific landscapes if certain subsidies were no longer available? What are the particular strengths of the program? How can I create a program for my area of interest that is positively evaluated by the authorizing bodies?


Our Expertise

Since 1995, we have been well acquainted with the subject matter of subsidies and programs for landscape ecology funded by Austria and the EU. We know the framework conditions and challenges related to authorities and ministries, control bodies, the European Commission as well as audit offices. On the other hand, we work together closely with groups that are recipients of public funds. Our strength lies in our knowledge of both worlds.


What is important to us

  • An evaluation not only consists in the revealing of strengths and weaknesses of a program, strategy or task. Our evaluations offer explicit conclusions based on which our clients can continue their work.
  • In the course of an evaluation , it is particularly important for us to keep our clients informed.
  • We are happy to work on the development of new measures for major funding programs. Together with our client we examine the need for new ideas, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and prepare assessments or studies to support the notification of new measures.

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