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Creating Awareness

One of our most exciting tasks is to create awareness for something for which there is still hardly any or no awareness at all. How can an important issue be communicated in such a way that it reaches our target group? How can awareness be created in such a way that our target group becomes motivated and inspired to learn more?

Our Expertise

Hardly any field of work is more stuck in old, unquestioned methods than "awareness raising" – brochures, folders and posters tend to convey the same old images and messages. We, however, are creative in the design of our products, clear in our messages and persistent to learn everything we possibly can about our target groups and about our awareness issue [about the central issue of our awareness campaign]. Exhibitions, educational paths, festivals, competitions, books, films, commercials or magazines – we provide you with a lively, targeted and successful product. You will like it.

What is important to us

  • We prepare the issue thoroughly in advance. We want to know what shall be conveyed to whom and why.
  • We also think about what we do not want to convey. This differentiated approach helps us to check our ideas against their success potential early on in the process.
  • When brainstorming for new ideas we accept no taboos. The process of idea generation is among the most rewarding phases in our projects and results in new products time and again.

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