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Legal certainty becomes increasingly important in times of a difficult economic conditions. But how do I make my project as legally certain as possible? Does my envisaged project entail risk assessment regarding nature conservation legislation? What kind of protected species and habitats are affected? How do I assess cumulative effects? Will an Art. 6 (4) procedure become necessary for my project? How can I avoid it?


Our Expertise

We analyse your project with respect to challenges, strengths and weaknesses related to nature conservation. Today, numerous protected species and habitats are to be taken into consideration when dealing with nature conservation proceedings. We engage in ad hoc collaborations with domestic and foreign experts specialized in the respective animal and plant species as well as habitats. We create specialist conservation assessments for projects such as road and railway construction, wind power plants, dedications, gravel pits and other investments.

What is important to us

  • You have deadlines. We work reliably and efficiently to create solutions that match your requirements.
  • We want to avoid a sudden confrontation with issues that could have been anticipated earlier. We support you in designing your project in a legally certain manner – we are frank in sharing our views on your project.
  • Compensation measures cost money. A catalog of measures is not a Christmas wish list. It goes without saying that all required measures the project entails become comprehensible and clear to you from the analysis of the conflicts.

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