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The cultivation and management of a cultural landscape has an enormous impact on the diversity of species and habitats. How can farmers be motivated to cooperate more with nature conservation? How can nature conservationists be motivated to cooperate more with agriculture?


Our Expertise

We have years of experience with both small and large agricultural projects. We understand farmers' wants and concerns, their appreciation of nature as well as their motivation to be a farmer. Our expertise in the area of legal and agricultural policy frameworks combined with our experience in the daily practical work on farms [provides us with unique insight and as such] makes us particularly strong.

What is important to us

  • The practical experience of farmers as well as their knowledge of the landscape are of enormous help for our work.
  • Ideas as well as implementations must be in line with the logic and possibilities of farms while not losing sight of overarching agricultural developments.
  • The region and its future are of particular importance to us. In the course of dozens of projects we have learned that individual regions in Austria and abroad have the strength to swim against strong currents and to not be at the mercy of anybody. It is very well possible to take matters into one's own hand.

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